© 2009 NishantVyas Engagement Day

Memories from Engagement

Our first meet
Destiny had decided the time of our first meeting on a very beautiful day. It was Gujarati New Year ( 19th Oct 2009 ) when myself and my future husband Nishant formally met each other in presence of our parents at Nishant’s place in Ahmadabad. The first conversation between us was Happy New Year and both of us knew that this was the beginning of the most important year of our life. Then after we talked with each other for nearly one hour. And at the end of this hour, there was a corner in our heart where we had made space for each other. Then we again met one week later – on 26th Oct 2009. This was the day when we decided to spend rest of our life together. We decided to become LIFE PARTNERS.
Engagement Ceremony
Engagement ceremony took place at my grandmother’s place in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. It was 1st of November 2009. A week past to our final meeting. I cannot describe the feelings which I had in my heart. We had the traditional exchange of dry coconut and silver coin which signifies commitment between the two families. Our relatives bestowed their blessings on us. It was followed by ring ceremony, cake cutting and lunch.
Post engagement period.
We had only one week to stay together after our engagement. This was the period during which we carved our names in each others heart. I came to know what is LOVE. But before I could return my love to Nishant it was the time to depart !!!!!!!!!!!! He was flying back. But during that week we gained the courage and stored abundant amount of LOVE in each others heart.
The one thing which proved to be a blessing to our relationship was SKYPE. technology helped us during the period we were away from each other. We talked endless. We laughed together, I cried alone, enjoyed together, supported each other, admired each other and above all loved each other. Our love flourished by leaps and bounds. But still we missed each other. It was not all times we missed, but only when I wanted to hug him when he was ill, only when I wanted him to wipe my tears, only when he was tired and wanted to rest in my laps, only when he wanted to have homemade food and I was making the food and eating alone, only when i wanted him to hold my hand when I was cutting my birthday cake, only when I received my valentines day roses through courier, and lots more cherish-able moments. All in one we missed other a lot. But we pampered each other by saying that after six months of staying apart we are going to stay with each other for the rest of our life. We both are eagerly waiting for 1st may 2010 when Nishant is coming back to India.